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Princess from Another World

“Are you a Princess? I said & She said, I am much more than a princess, but you don’t have a name for it yet here on earth.”

– Brian Andreas

“I don’t want to be a Princess,” she said finally. “You can’t make me be one.” She knew very well what became of Princesses, as Princesses often get books written about them. Either terrible things happened to them, such as kidnappings and curses and pricking fingers and getting poisoned and locked up in towers, or else they just waited around till the Prince finished with the story and got around to marrying her. Either way, September wanted nothing to do with Princessing.”

― Catherynne M. Valente

“It is all very well to say that all princesses are good and beautiful and charming; but this is usually a determined optimism on everybody’s part rather than the truth. After all, if a girl is a princess, she is undeniably a princess, and the best must be made of it; and how much pleasanter it would be if she were good and beautiful. There’s always hope that if enough people believe as though she is, a little of it will rub off.” ― Robin McKinley


Sanjib Majumder


Serena Walia


Anushree Kushwaha

Published by Vivek Verma

Lawyer by profession, Artist by passion. Check out my Instagram handle @vivekverma0909

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